Buying wembly fa cup final tickets?

It might not be the most glamorous of FA Cup finals but that won't matter a bit to the players and supporters of Manchester City and Stoke City as they prepare to walk onto the hallowed Wembley turf to battle it out for the famous FA Cup. Wembley FA cup final tickets are the hottest in town. Neither side has won a trophy for nearly 35 years so the stakes are high. One might say they could be higher for Stoke as they might not find themselves back in this position for a while.

However, Manchester City have a limitless amount of money which their owner has thrown at the club in the hopes of making a super team that will eventually become the greatest in Europe. The wheels are already in motion. City have recently qualified for next season's Champions League competition and winning this FA Cup final and putting a trophy in the cabinet would be a huge step for the club. Come this summer, when the transfer window opens, it could help persuade potential targets to the north on England.

Both managers have their sides in good form at the moment with Stoke hammering Bolton Wanderers 5-0 in the semi final. They showed no hangover from that as the beat Arsenal 3-1 at their home ground, while City disposed of rivals Manchester United 1-0 in their semi final.

Neither of these sides are regulars to this arena so they should be chomping at the bit to get out on the pitch while supporters are desperate for Wembley FA cup final tickets.

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