Using the Wembley ticket office

The Wembley ticket office is what you need to use in order to purchase the various events that the 90,000 seater stadium hosts. The main attraction at Wembley is of course the football where England play their home games in the European championship qualifying and also a series of upcoming friendlies.

There are currently two matches available for purchase, England V Holland in a friendly and England V Wales in a crucial Euro 2012 qualifier. Both games will undoubtedly be great spectacles and ever popular as fans look to see England's finest take on some tricky opposition including the World Cup runners up, Holland.

In order to purchase your ticket, are required to visit http://ticketing.thefa.com/ and follow the series of instructions on your way to securing your place at the game of your preferred choice. You may encounter a short delay when trying to purchase a ticket as the website is often busy and requires you to wait in a virtual queue before moving on to selecting your seat/s. Simply click the buy button highlighted in green and then choose the part of the stadium you wish to be seated in.

In order to purchase an England ticket, it is compulsory to have an England fan number, if you don't currently have one then not to worry, it just means you will have to complete a short form before confirming the purchase of your tickets.

On the booking site, you will also see the opportunity to become part of 'englandfans' which is the official England supporters club. This entitles you to priority booking and the ability to book tickets before the general public.


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