Wembley Stadium for the Carling Cup

Wembley Stadium for the Carling Cup or just Wembley as its known, is the home of the England national team. It is a 90,000 capacity new stadium opened in 2007, and is now the second largest stadium in Europe. The new Wembley Stadium was built on the same site as the old Wembley, which was built in 1923.

It also holds other sporting events such as NFL, which has been a great success since beginning in 2007. Football is the main attraction here though with domestic cups like the FA Cup and the Carling Cup, the Carling Cup is the first big occasion for the English Premier League.

The Carling Cup epitomises English football with the lower league teams fighting it out with the top teams in the Premier League.The final returned to London in 2008, where Tottenham Hotspur became the first side to win the competition at the new Wembley, beating Chelsea 2–1 after extra time.

The big teams use this competition to show off their talented youth systems and fringe players, with Manchester United and Arsenal leading the way in that department especially Manchester United who have won three of the last six Carling Cups. Not this year though with Birmingham City stunning Arsenal in the 89th-minute, an error from the Arsenal back line let in Obafemi Martins to snatch he winner.

Martins, who came on just six minutes earlier, pounced on a blunder when defender Laurent Koscielny and goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny failed to clear and swept the ball into the empty net with extra time approaching.

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