Buying wembley football tickets

Watching Wembley football is undoubtedly a great day out and the stadium is not just home to England's home matches, but also the FA Cup semi-finals and final whilst also hosting the Carling Cup and even sometimes the Champions League final. But where and how do you get tickets to visit this fine piece of architecture? Keep reading to find out how...

To purchase tickets to see football at Wembley, simply visit ticketing.thefa.com and choose your game of preference. The upcoming matches include a Euro 2012 qualifier against neighbours Wales with England hoping to edge closer to qualification. Purchasing tickets couldn't be easier with a simple to use interface which allows you to select and pay for the tickets where you want to be seated in the 90,000 capacity stadium.

Before progressing onto selecting your tickets however, you must either enter your England FAN number and password or sign up which is quick and easy with no charge.

Seat prices range between £20 to £65 depending on which area you select, you can view the stadium plan which is conveniently colour coordinated to make it easy to distinguish the cheaper priced tickets from the more expensive.

For cup final tickets, normally the process of ticketing is done through the club teams, so if you ever find yourself in need of a ticket for a play-off final, Carling or FA cup final, then you're advised to contact the relevant club for ticketing information.

Wembley stadium is simply a great stadium and for football fans, is a magnificent day out where you get to be seated in one of the best stadia in the world whilst watching some of the best talent in English football.

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