The best place to find Wembley FA Cup semi final tickets

If you fancy getting along to see some FA Cup action this season then it is always best to get your tickets as early as possible! So you don't get left out of the big games, we have put together a guide to getting your hands on a set of prestigious Wembley FA Cup semi final tickets, so you don't miss any action.

While the actual tickets for the FA Cup semi finals at Wembley won't go on sale until the identity of the two teams is known in April, it is always handy to familiarise yourself with the sites that will be selling the tickets as early as possible so you know exactly where to look when they do go on sale.

The first of these sites is the official FA website at www.thefa.com/. The FA site is your first stop for tickets for the FA Cup as they sell their allocation here and provide up to the date information on when the tickets actually go on sale. You can also buy tickets here for England internationals as well as for the Community Shield, so it is well worth a look.

If you are a supporter of one of the teams that has made the FA Cup semi final, then perhaps your best option for getting a ticket is to get one through the allocation given to your club. Your club will have all the information you will need on claiming one of these tickets as soon as they become available, so keep an eye on them to find out more closer to the date!

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