'We'll win 5-0'

Australian loudmouth (is there any other kind?) Glenn McGrath has predicted that they will whitewash England 5-0 in the Ashes, which start in Cardiff tomorrow. Bizarrely McGrath thinks that a patchy 2-1 series win over South Africa is the catalyst that will sends the Wallabies on their way.

‘My prediction is it will be 5–0 to Australia,’ McGrath said, showing diplomacy typical of any Aussie cricketer. ‘I've got total confidence in the boys, especially watching the way they played in South Africa in the last Test series. I thought that would have given them a lot of confidence. They showed what they can do and the huge potential that they've got.

‘If they can do the same here and maybe even improve in one or two areas they will do really well and probably win 5–0.’

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