We'll fight in March

Manny Pacquiao may take another fight on before he steps into the ring with motor-mouth boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jnr, according to his trainer. Freddie Roach thinks that his charge may fight Israeli Yuri Foreman – who is the current holder of the WBA light-middleweight belt – in March, as negotiations with Mayweather’s camp are dragging on.

‘We want to fight in March and we don't really want to wait,’ Roach said. ‘Mayweather doesn't want to fight in March, so we might fight for the 154-pound title in March and move up for that eighth world title. I'm thinking about that still and it's something that I'm kicking around in my head right now.

‘Yuri Foreman might be the opponent. It is a possibility, and then Mayweather in September. If they guarantee me that, we'll do that, but I need more of a commitment from Mayweather because he's not negotiating too well. It has to happen, and with the money they are going to make out of it, I feel it will happen. Mayweather can't make that money with anybody else.’

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