Well deserved

Wayne Rooney has capped off what could be a double trophy winning season by picking up the PFA Player of the Year award last night. The Liverpudlian has scored 34 goals for Manchester United this season and eight for England, making many people say that he could take England to glory in the World Cup. A groin injury raised some doubts about that, but teh man himself says he’ll be fine for the tournament in South Africa.

‘The groin will be fine for the World Cup, there are no worries about that,’ he said after picking up the award. ‘I'm hoping to play for United in the last game of the season. It's a great feeling to win the player of the year award because it's voted for by the players.

‘It's something I'm really proud of and it's a great honour. I remember coming here in 2005 and 2006 to win the young player of the year. I saw the players winning the main one and it's something I've aimed for since.’

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