Weak FA

Anyone who follows football closely will know that the Football Association’s powers are basically at the level of parish council, slapping people on the wrist for bad language but not tackling the real problems afflicting the English game.

This was brought into the light the other week when Wayne Rooney was hauled over the coals for swearing on live telly, while nothing was ever done about the owners of the club, who borrowed heavily against it in order to buy it, and have now saddled what was one of the most profitable institutions in football into the one saddled with the biggest debt. Nor has the ‘fit and proper persons’ test ever stopped megalomaniac human rights abusers or shady, borderline criminal oligarchs from snapping up a Premier League giant.

Now William Gaillard, a top Uefa official who advises president Michel Platini, has said the FA is the weakest in Europe, and has blamed the ‘turf wars’ between it, the Premier League and the Football League for weakening its position.

‘There is no doubt that turf wars have damaged English football,' he said. 'The FA is probably in a weaker spot than any other FA in Europe. In other countries, there is a more balanced situation. In most other countries, the professional game has a minority position.

‘English professional football has been enormously successful in producing revenues and building up the game and we have to be grateful to the Premier League and Football League for that. At the same time this has not resulted in a better situation for English football in general and performances of the national team have not been outstanding.

‘They should have a full-time technical director - that's what exists in most other good educational models in Europe.’

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