We WILL win

Fabio Capello has tried to lift the gloom surrounding England fans this morning, who are mostly expecting another depressing performance, capped off by humiliating failure to qualify from the group and angry recriminations for months afterwards. What is it now; 44 years of hurt?

Capello sticks by the statement he made immediately after qualification for the World Cup that England are one of the best sides in the world, and despite the horrendous form he finds his team in, is apparently confident that the Three Lions will roar their way to the knock out stage (where they will be humped by either Germany or Serbia, but that’s by the by).

‘We did a good job in getting here but now we're not in a good moment,’ The Italian said. ‘But I know this group of players are still good because I'm not crazy when I said my target was reaching the final of the World Cup. They have shown they are a really good (team). This is not about my reputation – that is not important – because we are a team, a group. Sure, we have to improve and I expect to see the spirit I saw in qualification again, with us fighting in every moment to win the ball back. But I think if ... no, not ‘if’, when we win this game, all the teams will have to fight to beat us.

‘This is a play-off. For me, it's like a final or semi-final in the Champions League. We are either in or we are out. Only one result will do. We have to play with that kind of spirit from the first moment and we have to win. We'll be fit to fight.’

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