'We will fight to the end'

Pep Guardiola has said that he and Barcelona will 'fight to the end' in order to sign Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas, after yet another transfer in which he has practically begged the north London club to let him go.

Fabregas is Barcelona born and bred and has been hankering for a move home for at least a year. However Arsenal are less than keen to let their captain go unless they receive what they see as the right fee, which means Guardiola needs to get his negotiating boots on, if not for him or the player, but for the rest of us following this tedious, drawn-out story.

'This year Arsenal has agreed to negotiate and we are working on it,' Guardiola said. 'Barcelona has made an offer, Arsenal another and we have time until 31 August and we'll try to reach an agreement..

'There is a sum of money in the strong box set aside for this signing but if it doesn't work out it will be kept in the box for something else. We will fight to the end to try to get Cesc because we believe he will improve the team and the squad.'

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