We were tired

Manchester City have come in for some criticism for their style of play in last night’s drab Manchester derby, which finished 0-0, but City boss Roberto Mancini has refused to accept that his team were scared to go for a win.

United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar criticised City’s style of play, saying that ‘they were clearly aiming for a point whereas we really wanted to win. They were so defensive I didn't have anything to do apart from one free-kick,’ but Mancini says that his tam were tired after playing so many games recently.

‘It's a good point and it's not important for me if we get criticised,’ he said. ‘When you play every three days the players can get tired. It's not easy playing every three days and then having a game like that. We wanted to win but I would prefer to have one point rather than zero points, which is what we got from this game last season.

‘It was a difficult game; they defended very well and we didn't create many chances, but last season we scored against them [in three of the four games] and lost three matches all in the last minute. I wanted to win but it is much better to draw than it is to lose.’

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