We need to improve, says Andrew Strauss

England confirmed their status as number one Test team in the world yesterday, after thumping India at Edgbaston by a whole innings and 242 runs, but captain Andrew Strauss doesn't want to stop there: he wants to 'improve', by which he can only mean WORLD DOMINATION, the likes of which only Australia have achieved in the last few decades.

The thought of that should be enough to get the average cricket fan into a frothy lather, especially if they had to live the utter garbage of the 1990s, when the team slumped to bottom in the Test rankings. It's sweet, sweet relief, sin't it? Now let's go and crush everyone over and over again.

'We should enjoy that we've achieved one of our goals,' he said to BBC's Test Match Special. 'Then we will look to improve as we always do.

'I think long term you're not looking so much at ranking as playing good cricket. But we stated we wanted to get to number one. It was a lofty ambition and it's great we've achieved it.

'There's been a lot of hard work that's gone into it over the last couple of years. I feel proud and honoured, not just at what we've achieved in this match but the whole of the series and what we've achieved over the last couple of years. Just because the rankings tell us we're number one, that doesn't mean our job's over. There's a huge task ahead of us.'

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