We keep losing, but look at this nice cheque

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish seems to be entering an eccentric dotage. His latest comments imply that signing a new shirt sponsorship deal is as good as winning a trophy.

With Liverpool’s season petering out into a mid-table finish after just 2 wins in their last 11 league games, the habitually prickly Dalglish started looking around desperately for signs that the club were on the right course.

On the field the season has been disappointing. Even the Carling Cup success was unimpressive, secured in a fortuitous penalty shoot-out against lower division Cardiff City. The most conspicuous event in Liverpool’s season has been the ongoing controversy about Luis Suarez’s ban for making racist remarks. Ignoring most of the evidence, Dalglish argues that the club has restored its traditional values.

"The club is now where it was before – each one for each one, everybody in it together," Dalglish said. "There are many ways you can judge a season and the best way is progress at the football club as a whole. I don't think it necessarily relates to trophies or points. You can measure it by how the club has progressed and where it is, from the first team to the kids. Off the pitch, especially, the club is a lot stronger than what it was. You go off the pitch and see how much money we are getting through sponsorship and kit deals.”

It will be interesting to see if Dalglish proposes a lap of honour round Anfield with Steven Gerrard waving aloft a sponsorship cheque.

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