We in a relegation battle

Times are tough for the Liverpool football club: the owners seem to be going out of their way to hamstring the finances, their team are in awful form and as if being knocked out of the Carling Cup by lowly Northampton Town at home wasn’t bad enough, at the weekend when plunged into the relegation zone after losing to Blackpool at Anfield. Ouch.

Current Reds boss Roy Hodgson is at a loss to explain what has happened to the side that at least qualified for the Europa League last season, but has admitted that they are in a relegation battle. That’s some admission so early in the season.

‘There are 31 games left but when you are in the relegation zone you are in a relegation battle,’ said Hodgson, who already looks like a dead man walking at Anfield. ‘But I really don't think my concerns are with relegation, my concerns are we are not playing to our full potential.

‘It is a very bad day and there is nothing I can say. At the moment things look bleak and really bad and it is difficult for me to put a bright face upon it.

‘In the first half we were correctly punished for a lacklustre display. We had the ball as much as them but did not do anything with it anywhere near enough to satisfy my, the club's or the players' demands.

‘We conceded two goals on counter-attacks but in the second half we came out and tried to turn matters around but could only get one goal.’

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