We could win the league'

Football managers often make wild claims about their team’s abilities, predicting this or that, trying to whip their teams’ fans up into a season ticket-buying frenzy, but no-one has ever made such a mad, ridiculously bold assertion as Harry Redknapp, who said that he thinks Tottenham Hotspur could challenge for the title. Not even the most rabid and deluded Spurs fan would fall for that. Well, ok, many of them would, but that’s neither here nor there; it’s still plainly mental.

‘I feel we could contend for the title. We have got the players here,’ he said, as jaws slammed against the floor. ‘We have to aim for it. We could win the championship. Last year we went in saying we wanted to finish in the top four and if you don't aim for things, you have no chance.

‘The Champions League is massive – forget budgets – we just want to be there. If we can get into the group stages we can make an impact. We have good players – some fantastic ones at our club. And they can get better.’

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