We check out where to buy adidas rugby boots (Adidas Rugby Boots)

If you are looking to take up the sport of Rugby, then you won't need much in the way of kit. A gum shield and a pair of good boots will be sufficient to see you get by with ease. In this blog we are going to point you in the direction of the internet's best sites for buying Adidas rugby boots.

While there are plenty of specific Rugby Boots out there, wearing a pair of football boots is just as effective for the sport as both perform the same function. If you are going to be playing as a fly-half, then we especially suggest you get a pair of football boots, as you will find the extra grip a brilliant aid for your kicking.

The first site you should check out for boots is Pro Direct, who are perhaps the biggest suppliers of sports boots on the internet. You can check out their site at www.prodirectrugby.com. They stock the full Adidas Rugby range including Predator Rugby Boots, f50 Rugby Boots, and the cheaper f50i Rugby Boot. Pro Direct also run a number of seasonal sales, so keep an eye out towards the end of each season as they sell off the older boots. Pro Direct also stock a massive range of Football Boots too, so keep an eye on those.

Another site we highly recommend you check out is the Rugby Store at www.rugbystore.co.uk. The Rugby Store has a similarly comprehensive selection of Rugby apparel, and they are a better bet if you want to pick up accessories to go with your boots as they carry a much bigger selection of rugby gear.



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