'We can do them damage'

Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson has said that his team can hurt Barcelona in the Champions League final, and that they won’t go into the game scared of their opponents.

United were beaten 2-0 by Barca in 2009’s final in Rome, but Ferguson says that there was plenty in that game to give the Reds encouragement for this year’s clash. Whether or not he actually believes it or not is one thing, however it will be a lot easier to beat Barca at Wembley over the course of one game than it would be in legs, with one at the Camp Nou. So there is a chance that United might just go on the attack.

‘Everyone has acknowledged how great a team Barcelona are but Manchester United are in this final with some players who can cause any team a lot of bother,’ said Ferguson. ‘We've got attacking players who can hopefully cause Barcelona the problems everyone thinks they are going to give us. Hopefully it is going to be a fantastic final.

‘In the final last time we started off really well and then gave away a bad goal. After that Barcelona kept the ball very well, as they always do, but people forget we missed a lot of chances in that match. Even before they scored their second goal we missed three chances. What we have to do is find a solution to the Xavi-Messi-Iniesta problem. Everyone is searching for that because they are outstanding footballers, but we have our share too.’

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