We can do it, honest (part 2)

Arsene Wenger has issued a rallying call ahead of their crucial Champions League quarter-final return leg against Barcelona, claiming that his side have won away everywhere in Europe, so why not against the supposed best team in the world? After all, his side did fight back from 2-0 down (and an embarrassing humbling on their own patch) to draw 2-2, and with key Barca players missing, Arsenal could sneak the shock win they need to go through.

‘We've won away everywhere in Europe - Barcelona is a place where we haven't done it, so there is no better opportunity than Tuesday,’ said Wenger. ‘I'm confident despite the injuries we have that we can do it. Of course, we will need to get everybody to 100% of his potential and have a great team performance.

‘This team, though, has such a great mental strength and I believe they can fight against the odds anywhere in the world. They can turn up with a massive performance. The problem is not one of individuals, but about having a game-plan and making it work.’

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