We can do it, honest

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called on his team to show what they’re made of (biscuits, mainly) in the face of what will likely be a fearful hammering from Barcelona. The Gunners have repeatedly failed in their attempts to tackle the big sides this season and tonight’s game at the Emirates gives them a chance to stamp their authority down on the best team in Europe. However, Messi and co will probably still stomp all over them, but you never know, do you?

‘The opinions of critics are there to be changed and what changes the opinions is the performances,’ said Wenger to The Guardian. ‘What is good in sport is that people assess continuously something that looks to be definite but actually is moving always. And what moves the opinions of people is how well we play.

‘I believe we have changed the opinions of many people in England since July and now, until the end of the season, it's about how we will turn up. We want to show that we can beat the very best and I am convinced that a big part of our success against Barcelona is in the belief we will show.

‘We can make history in kicking Barcelona out. We are on a great run, and have a great spirit and togetherness. The ingredients are there to deliver something special so let's not be too much in respect of them, be brave and have a real go.’

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