We can do it!

John Terry has roared that Chelsea can beat Manchester United next weekend and retain their Premier League title, after clawing their way back to only three points behind the league leaders.

Chelsea beat Tottenham 2-1 at Stamford Bridge on Saturday evening thanks to two extremely controversial goals, while United lost 1-0 at Arsenal yesterday. The Blues can now draw level with United if they win at Old Trafford next week, and Terry has said that not only can they do it, but that it would be the most satisfying trophy he had ever won – beating even 2005’s championship.

‘It would certainly be up there, along with when we won it for the first time in 50 years,’ Terry said. ‘There have been times when they were running away with it. United were 18 points clear at one point (actually 15 on 1 March) which I thought made them out of sight, so to get it down to three points shows what we've done. We certainly never give up and this is the ideal situation for us.

‘United have still got some tough games to go. If we go there and lose, then fair play to them. But they know we're certainly capable of going there and getting a result. The manager's done the right job, kept the players hungry, and all the supporters have been like that as well – they've never let us give up and think it was over.

‘There's no bigger spur than going to Old Trafford and winning to put ourselves right in the frame for bringing the Premier League trophy back to the Bridge. It's the feeling that will drive us on.

‘I always believed. Through the season you have good spells, some not so good spells and some bad patches as well. At the start of the season we had our best spell. There was no doubt we'd have a bad one, and it was about coming out of that as soon as we could.

‘It took us a few weeks to do that but once we did we've shown a turn of form at the right time. That's five wins now since we lost to United (in the Champions League quarter-final first leg) and all we could do was keep winning and putting the pressure on. They're a very good side with great experience.’

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