We can do it!

Joe Cole has clearly taken over the role of John Terry when it comes to bigging up England’s chances of winning this World Cup – he says he’s convinced that the Three Lions can bring the trophy back to good old Albion with them, and points to interesting variables like the weather, which has apparently hindered us in the past. Oh and there’s the small matter of having Fabio Capello in charge, a world class coach who has won just about everything, except one globe themed trophy...

‘He's the best manager I've worked with for England,’ Cole said in a press conference, whipping the tabloids up into a nationalistic frenzy. ‘He's got an aura about him. Obviously, tactically, it goes without saying – Capello knows his way round a football pitch. Preparation is spot on. And you don't want to let him down. Spain are different class, the most talented team in the tournament, but it is not always the most talented team that wins. There are a lot of other factors: discipline, strength of character, (and) a little bit of luck.

‘This squad has got the experience of having been in tournaments before. It's got a fit Wayne Rooney, a fit Steven Gerrard, and everyone is coming to that right age. I believe we can do it, I'm convinced we can. I've got faith in the boys. If we can have that bit of luck you are always going to need, we can go all the way.

‘We only have to play one (group) game here at altitude, and it is the same for our opponents, the USA. What has probably let us down in past tournaments is the weather, playing in the sun, but we are playing night games and it will be quite chilly. That will be a massive difference for us. I think you'll see an England able to play more at the pace of a Premier League game because we won't be in the sun.’

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