We back Terry

The furore over John Terry's bad bedroom behaviour behind the back of both his wife and his supposed ‘best friend’ Wayne Bridge is clearly going to smoulder along in the tabloids all the way along to the World Cup, where he will be blamed for England’s inevitable defeat on penalties in the quarter finals to the first team they come across who can pass the ball. Maybe he’ll miss one as well, just for added amusement.

However, despite his indiscretions, the England team are backing Terry’s captaincy of the national side, or at least they are if you believe an anonymous quote in The Sun from one of the squad.

‘John led us to South Africa and he should be the man captaining the side at the finals,’ said the surprisingly lucid England international. To change skipper now would be too disruptive and potentially damage the chance we have of doing well.'

Fabio Capello meanwhile has said that he will be making a decision on whether to keep Terry as captain before he jets off to Sunday’s draw for qualifying for the 2012 European Championships, which is just as well, seeing as the FA have passed the buck once again. ‘I know everything,’ he said. ‘I can't say anything at the moment but will be back in London on Thursday.’ Predictions, anyone?

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