Wayne Rooney's a brave man!

Wayne Rooney risked the fury of Sir Alex Ferguson by making light of the Beckham boot throwing incident.

In Manchester United's annual quiz, Rooney was tasked with the charade 'Bend it Like Beckham'. Team mates Ryan Giggs and Jonny Evans struggled with the answer initially, until Rooney pointed at Sir Alex, pretended to kick a boot and clutched his eye.

Fergie seemed to take the joke well, responding with an icy stare and joking "That'll cost you," but the fear in Ryan Giggs' eyes is hilarious.

Rooney's team beat Ferguson's team 40-29, perhaps spurred by Fergie's jibes during the build up.

"We've got a club quiz in early December and Ryan Giggs is frantically trying to recruit the two brightest brains in the squad — Dr Steve McNally and assistant head physio Neil Hough — to go up against me," Sir Alex said.

"We did one on MUTV last year against Giggsy, Gary Neville and Michael Carrick. They were hopeless!

"This year Giggs has roped Jonny Evans and Wayne Rooney into it. Can you believe that? Come on, we want some competition!"

He may have got more competition than he bargained for...

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