Wayne Rooney ; 'Hovis is yummy scrummy and I love it'

Nice to see a celeb promoting something good, wholesome and traditional for once, instead of silly things like pens, or pants, or tap water.

Wayne Rooney has signed up to be the new face of bread giant Hovis. The Liverpool lad will be donning flat cap and chimney sweep style clothing to evoke a Britain of bygone times - one in which the family liked nothing better on a cold winter's Sunday than to huddle round a coal fire and toast Hovis on the flickering coals. The ad will be filmed in Liverpool and will feature iconic moments in UK history over the last century including the miner's strike. Rooney will be paid £150,000 for his troubles.

Very nice. Very nostalgic...and maybe just a teensy bit out of touch. Yes Rooney's freckly and a bit Angela's Ashes looking, but he's also hilariously rich, doesn't live on a cobbled street in deepest darkest 'grim but happy North' - and has just been arrested for gobbing on someone! Plus, his favourite food isn't even Hovis small brown slice but spag bol! Can the Rooney marketing machine really rescue Hovis from the great breadbin in the sky?

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