Wayne Rooney given two-game ban

Yesterday we wrote that Wayne Rooney would most likely escape sanction from the FA for his four-letter outburst at West Ham on Saturday, in which he pitched his squinty eyes directly at the camera and growled ‘****ing what’ at millions of lunchtime football fans. However it turns out we were wrong, as he has been handed a two-match ban.

The ban would rule him out of the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City should he fail to have it reduced on appeal, and Rooney has until 6pm today to make that appeal. Rooney has already apologised, and the PFA say that they think Rooney has learned from his mistake, with the implication that the ban should also be halved.

‘Taking into account the highly pressurised situation within the game, it is still an action that wasn't acceptable and Wayne's apology confirms that,’ said PFA deputy chief executive John Bramhall. ‘He has apologised immediately after the game and has clearly realised that they are not the actions you would expect of a player in his position.’

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