Wayne Rooney fine to play this evening

If there's one thing that's great about English football, it's the fact that the players' families always seem to be teetering on the edge of the criminal underworld. It gives the game a seedy, thrilling edge that the likes of cricket and Rugby just don't (well, Pakistani and Indian cricket does, just not posh English cricket).

So frankly we think it's exciting news that Wayne Rooney's dad has been arrested in a police investigation into dodgy betting and potential match-fixing. What with all this and John Terry's dad being videoed selling drugs by a sleazy tabloid, as well as the rumours surrounding Steven Gerrard's wife Alex (you all know what they are), it gives us a delightfully grubby image abroad. And that's something that we should be very proud of. In any case Fabio Capello and captain Terry reckon he'll be fine to play this evening against Montenegro - good for him.

'We spoke and he's OK, no problems,' said Fabio Capello. 'Absolutely no problem. He's calm, relaxed. He's in a good moment of form and there will be no problems for the game. He's told me he's good, no problems. Over the last few days, he's trained really, really well.

'There are no concerns at all,' said John Terry, who has something of a spotty history with his own dad. 'I know the manager's spoken to Wayne and he's totally fine. Wayne's one of the best players in the world and he'll deal with it and go out and perform like he always does on the pitch. He's fine and focused on the game. We all know the type of character Wayne is. He'll certainly be OK.'

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