Wayne Rooney 'delighted' with hat-trick

While yesterday afternoon was a nightmare for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, for Wayne Rooney it was simply heavenly. The England striker scored a beautiful hat-trick, including two free-kicks, and passed the 150 Manchester United goal milestone.

As well as his goals, Rooney was the key creative man in a devastating United display, the focal point through which all of their football was played. Over the summer he's clearly lost a lot of weight, and the slimmed down Rooney appears to be even more of a complete player than before; a terrifying thought for opposition fans and a delightful one for England followers.

'It was a great performance by us,' said the England international. 'I thought that it was a big result. It weren't Arsenal's strongest team but we've still got to go and beat them, and I think we've done that comfortably.

'I'm delighted with it (the hat-trick). It's been a good start to the season for myself personally and for the team. We've done really well and we hope that can continue. I'm delighted to have scored over 150 goals for United and hopefully there's many more to come.

'There's a lot of young players on the pitch today, and towards the end I think myself and a few of the older ones were telling them to keep the ball a bit more, rather than going an keep attacking, trying to score, but we kept attacking until the end and you saw the rewards with the goals. It was a great day for us.

'They (Manchester City) had a great result at Tottenham, so we just focussed on our game. Coming into today against Arsenal they're not usually like that, they're normally tough games. I'm sure that we would have been happy with a 1-0 result, but thankfully we've managed to get the goals and get back to the top of the league, which is great for us as well.'

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