Wayne Roo-knee

Every now and again a local news story comes along that just deserves more coverage that what it’s going to receive from its provincial audience of slack-jawed yokels. This one is a story about Wayne Roo-knee. Hang on, you’re thinking, it’s Wayne Rooney, isn’t it? No, friends, it’s most definitely Wayne Roo-knee. Just take a look here and laugh at some Yorkshireman’s knee, which looks like the Manchester United and England striker. It really does, you know.

‘I was having a drink with friends and when I showed them my knee we realised it looked like Rooney, so our lass took a photo,’ said Rich Rigby, from Wakefield to the Wakefield Express. ‘Everyone was laughing about it. It beggared belief – he is a legend and I never thought he would appear on my knee.

‘All his facial features were there, you could see his small ears, nose and he even had a beard like the real Rooney.’ It’s all true readers. It’s all true.

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