Watson's going on?

‘A good cliché these days is hard to find’, sang Fergal Sharkey in his saccharine-dripped 80s hit A Good Clichè, but the pint-sized Northern Irishman was obviously not looking hard enough. A mere cursory glance of the papers would have given him excellent use of ‘rolls back the years’ (thanks, the Guardian) to describe Tom Watson’s performance in the first round of The Open, golf’s premiere major championship. Beautiful.

The 59-year-old shot a remarkable 65, five under par for the course, which put him in second place, only one shot behind Miguel Angel Jiménez.

‘I do have some real zip and 65 is the way to start it,’ he said afterwards. ‘Will I be able to handle the pressure? I don't know. Maybe the light switch will go and I will play without too much pressure, or maybe the pressure will be too much to handle. But I have been there before.’

Will the old codger be up to four days of punishing links golf? Will Tiger Woods pull his finger out of his behind and make a challenge? How drunk will Peter Allis get? All this and more in the next installment of The Open (rated PG).

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