Watch out

England take the field at Wembley tomorrow night for their friendly against Mexico, a warm-up match for next month’s World Cup. Cappello is likely to play his first choice team in order to get them working together before they jet off to South Africa, but according to Blackpool’s Gary Taylor-Fletcher, the players should be extra careful about not getting themselves injured on Wembley’s bog of a pitch.

The newly promoted Taylor-Fletcher, who scored in Blackpool’s 3-2 win against Cardiff City in the Championship play-off final on Saturday, left the stadium on crutches after suffering an ankle injury that he blamed on the turf, for which he said he had to change boots three times.

‘The England players have got to be careful,’ he said. ‘There is a big World Cup coming up for them all. One slip and it could all be over for them. I have worn three pairs of boots on Saturday and in all of them I was either slipping over or getting caught.

‘After about 10 minutes my studs got caught in the ground. I changed my boots to a smaller stud and was slipping everywhere in them. I changed again at half-time and after five minutes exactly the same thing has happened – the studs got caught in the ground, I went over and that was the end of it. It was the fault of the ground. We were told they were going to water (the pitch) after we had warmed up but I kept changing studs and it didn't make a difference. I was slipping everywhere. It was just what I had been reading and a few of the lads have said the same thing. I am another victim of the famous Wembley pitch.’

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