Warrior's weekend on the rugby pitch

Why is it that Southern Hemisphere teams have much better nicknames than we do? The best we can come up is with 'Le Bleu' - not very imaginative at all. Maybe that's why they always beat us?

But in the meantime, let's play....

After their convincing win over the World Champions last week, France actually believe they can beat the All Blacks, despite facing them without Maxime Mermoz, Benjamin Fall, Louis Picamoles and most importantly Imanol Harinordoquyit. Is it really going to 'appen for Le Bleu?

Wales have it all to play for with Warren Gatlin, (ever the big mouth before a big game) saying they'll break into the top three before the World Cup in New Zealand in 2011 - ha! They should ask the French and the Irish what they plan to do about that, then go out and beat the Wallabies tomorrow.

Which just leaves Ireland to face The Springboks - in Croke Park.

A gifted final score last week gave Ireland a draw against the Wallabies, but with O'Gara out of the starting line-up it's all resting on the toe of Kidney's boot.

Eyes on the weekend's telly, rugby fans.

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