Warner dropped after attacking Joe Root

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England struck the first blow in the ongoing cricket campaign between England and Australia, but Australian batsman David Warner hit back in the after-match drinking session. Reports have emerged that he punched England batsman Joe Root in the Walkabout bar in Birmingham later that night.

Rumours and counter-rumours are flying around concerning the incident. Reports in the Mirror suggested that Root was wearing a flowing hair-piece, which seemed to provoke Warner for some reason. The paper claims he seized the wig and struck Root a glancing blow, which is at least consistent with his batting form, where he struggles to hit the ball cleanly. Warner's team-mates had to restrain the batsman.

Warner was dropped from the Australia team for their match against New Zealand. The Australian team statement said: "Warner has been reported for breaching Rule 6: Unbecoming Behaviour after he was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with an England player in the early hours of Sunday morning following the ICC Champions Trophy match between the teams in Birmingham." A subsequent hearing could result in Warner's expulsion from the team.

The ECB enjoyed the moral high ground. "David Warner initiated an unprovoked physical attack on a member of the England team in a Birmingham bar following England's 48 run victory over Australia," they said, taking the opportunity to remind the Aussies of the score. "Warner has admitted behaving inappropriately and has since apologised to the player involved who has accepted the apology. England team management has concluded that the England player was in no way responsible for nor retaliated to the attack."

The diminutive Warner may have had a few drinks, but at least had the presence of mind to pick a fight with the youngest and slightest England player rather than the menacing giants Steven Finn or Stuart Broad. It should also be noted that England had the chutzpah to celebrate their victory in an Australian bar.

Bad blood is already established between the teams ahead of the Ashes. Australia's one-day captain George Bailey didn't help the atmosphere by implying that England's fast bowlers were achieving reverse swing by dubious methods.

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