Are you searching for the Wales Rugby Shop?

Fans searching for the Wales rugby shop will find an astounding number of results if they Google for that particular phrase, but luckily the top results also happen to be the right ones! The official WRU site has an online shop, and you're able to purchase Wales rugby items there at reasonable prices. Let's have a look at what's on offer?

http://store.wru.co.uk/ is the URL for the official Welsh Rugby Union shop, and you'll find just about anything you can think of here. The site is beautifully designed and is a real pleasure to browse through. The site is divided into sections that cover kits and training equipment, fashion, gifts, and home ware amongst others. The kits and training section includes the WRU kit for 2011 and also training accessories. The fashion section covers it all, from men's to ladies, to boys and girls, it's all there. There are hats, scarves, watches, footwear and even socks and pants. In this section the WRU 2 boxer set is the best seller, and this includes one red and one white boxer with the WRU logo. This will cost you £7.99, and it's available in sizes S to XXL.

The gifts section is another must visit, particularly if you're looking for a special gift for someone who loves their rugby! This section of the site stocks soft toys, key rings, golf items, accessories, books and DVDs and even car products. The best selling item in this section is the subscription to the Welsh Rugby supporters club. When you purchase this item you're able to provide the supporter's name and date of birth, and he or she will then receive an international ticket ballot, a specially branded welcome back, including a selection of branded merchandise (knitted beanie and badge), and a personalized members card. The official supporters club also organises special events and this is a great way to connect with other fans. This item will cost you £39.00, and the discounts you'll qualify for could make this well worth it!

Have a look around the site, and if you're a true Welsh rugby fan you're sure to find at least one item you just can't be without!

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