Wales – best by far

Without being melodramatic, Saturday’s Grand Slam win by Wales was one of the greatest the Six Nations tournament has ever produced. From the ashes of a bitterly disappointing World Cup rose the Welsh dragon… a beast that tackles ferociously, scythes through defences with sublime aggression and lulls its prey into schoolboy mistakes with the wily cunning of a skilled and merciless hunter…

Gatland and Edwards (surely the English RFU should be censured for letting him slip through their fingers) have raised an awesome animal with the heart for any fight, and the brains to smell weakness and exploit it without hesitation. Its savage mauling of the clueless French became an almost prurient spectacle on Saturday.

Well done, boys. You are now the stuff of legend. And Martyn Williams is not going to have to buy himself a drink ever again in the principality. World-class heroes.

(Image: from Unofficial England Rugby’s flickr stream)

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