Wales fan killed before England v Wales

A Wales fan was killed after last night's clash between England and Wales at Wembley stadium, prompting the Metropolitan Police to launch a murder inquiry.

The 44-year-old died after suffering head injuries and a heart attack near the stadium, before the game. He was found by emergency services at 7.20pm and was pronounced dead at 8.50pm, at a north London hospital belonging to a private medical contractor, who is employed by Wembley. Six people have been arrested, who the police revealed were all Wales fans

'Late on Tuesday night, details reached us concerning a tragedy where a Wales and Cardiff City supporter died at the match between England and Wales,' read a statement from Cardiff City FC. 'Out of respect for the family of the supporter, the sensitivity of the situation and until full details and circumstances are ascertained, no statements will be made until deemed fit by proper channels.'

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