Looking for Wales and England tickets for the football? Look here!

As the qualifying stages for the 2012 European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine draw to a close, there are only a handful of matches left in qualifying group G. With both England and Wales in the group, alongside Montenegro, Switzerland and Bulgaria, there was plenty of interest from football fans in the United Kingdom for the games that have taken place so far.

Now that we are entering the final stretch though, fans are desperate for a last chance to see their international heroes in action for the final time in the qualifying group. Just so that you don't come away disappointed, we have taken a look at some of the best places to find Wales and England tickets for the football matches remaining in the group.

England play away to Montenegro in their final qualifier, having already clinched their spot at the finals thanks to an unbeaten run of seven games. The only official outlet from which to buy tickets is direct from the Football Association's website at ticketing.thefa.com. However if you miss out there, you can also check out a number of other retailers, such as viagogo.co.uk/Sports-Tickets/Football/International-Football and livefootballtickets.com/national-football-teams/england-football-tickets.html, although be warned - you will pay over the odds for them!

For you Welsh fans out there, you have two additional games to look forward to; an October 7th tie at home to Switzerland and an away game on the 11th against Bulgaria. You can buy tickets for each game officially from faw.org.uk and unofficially from livefootballtickets.com/national-football-teams/england-football-tickets.html.

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