Wales coach admits thinking about cheating

Us Brits like to think that there's still such a thing as the British sense of fair play; that certain things would never cross the minds of our sports people. And non-Brits like to trade on the myth too; Italians even use 'Fair Play' instead of an Italian equivalent.

So it's kind of sad to hear Wales coach Warren Gatland considered, and even discussed, the idea of asking one of his props to fake an injury during his side's semi-final defeat by France. That would have led to uncontested scrums, which would have been a great help to Wales: they had already lost flanker Sam Warburton to a red card. However in the end the New Zealander decided against the outrageous piece of gamesmanship.

'We discussed it but morally I decided it was not right,' said Gatland. 'We had already lost Adam Jones and we discussed in the box: did we fake an injury to one of our props to go to uncontested scrums?

'We could have easily done that in the first 25-30 minutes of the game. But in the spirit of the game, in the spirit of a World Cup semi-finals, I didn't think that was the fairest or the right thing to do.'

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