Wake up

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has spoken out about his team’s current appalling form, saying that they need to ‘wake up’ if they want to retain their league title this season, or even challenge for any pots at all.

The Blues have been almost unrecognisable in recent weeks, enduring their worst run of form since Gianluca Vialli was unceremoniously booted out of the club a decade ago, and picking up only five points from an available 18 in the process. They now face a treacherous Christmas period in which they have to play Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal.

‘We have to wake up from this moment,’ said Ancelotti. ‘We can move on but what we are doing is not enough. We have to work harder. I have to understand what happened in the second half because it was poor. I'm not happy to see my team play like they did in that second half. We have to change our ideas.

‘I don't feel good at the moment. Not just because we drew but because we didn't play well. I was obviously disappointed with the result but I was not happy with the play. We are working to play a kind of football that is totally different to the way we played in the second half – we lost our idea of how to play football and started playing long balls – so we have to ask why this happened. I saw a team that was afraid, scared and unable to play our football, unable to play easy passes. It was just long ball. This is not our aim.

‘No, I'm not relaxed at all and I don't sleep well. I maintain confidence in my players. I maintain trust. But it's not a good moment, not for them or for me. We have to stay together and not be searching to find out who is guilty. Usually when you have a difficult moment you want to find out who is to blame. It's a moment in which we are all not doing enough to win games. We have to do more because this is the only way that I know.’

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