Vincent Kompany: 'We can win the league'

Manchester City have had another busy summer in the transfer market, splashing the cash on stars like Sergio Aguero, and trying to offload Carlos Tevez on anyone who'll take him. As a result they've got a genuine shot at their first league title since 1968, especially since Chelsea and Arsenal appear to have fallen off their perches.

However the question still remains, do City have what it takes to dislodge their Manchester rivals from the top spot? Roberto Mancini received lots of criticism last year for his negative tactics in big games, which didn't do him or his team much good. However, new City captain Vincent Kompany is convinced that his side can win it all this year, and even have a pop at the Champions League.

'I was training the other day and in my team the strikers were Agüero, Balotelli and Nasri. On the other side there was Dzeko, Tevez, Silva and Yaya Touré,' he said, responding to questions about whether he was worried about their Champions League group. 'I hope it answers your question.

'Can we win the league? What I would say is this. As soon as Robinho was signed, people were talking about us winning the title and I knew it was not going to happen. But we finished 10th and the challenge the season afterwards was to do better. Where we are now is we have finished equal second on the same number of points as Chelsea. If you want to do better than this, you have to be competing for the title. But there are four or five good teams and there is no guarantee at all.'

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