Villa on his way to Chelsea?

Megabucks club Chelsea are a dream for any journalist who needs to fill a few empty column inches in a hurry; simply make up a story about an outrageously expensive player and people won't question it. Remember those daft Beckham and Ronaldinho stories that wouldn't go away? We do.

Anyway, this time the London outfit have been linked to Valencia's David Villa in a £45million deal, a number even more ridiculous given that Valencia are up the financial creek without a money shaped paddle. However, to read this story from the Guardian, which offers little in the way of facts, other than this vaguely related quote from Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck way back in February, you'd think it was a done deal.

'Generally speaking we'd like to use internally generated cash to buy new players and, by that, I mean sell players and buy new players,' he said. 'But, if an appropriate player comes along who falls outside that cash flow, then money would be available from the owner to buy that player. But it would all depend on the player and the circumstances.' Stick your money on Villa winging his way to London then, it's a dead cert.

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