Vettel wins in Japan to stay in championship hunt

Sebastian Vettel restated his championship claims by winning the Japanese Grand Prix. Vettel held the lead from start to finish to move within four points of Fernando Alonso in the drivers’ championship.

Alonso was taken out of the race in the first lap, in an eventful race. Several drivers vented their anger at Roman Grosjean who was again the cause of a crash. It was the eighth time Grosjean has been involved in a smash in 15 Formula One starts.

On this occasion he shunted into Mark Webber. The Australian was unimpressed. "The guys confirmed that it was the first-lap nutcase again – Grosjean. The rest of us are trying to fight for some decent results each weekend but he is trying to get to the third corner as fast as he can at every race," Webber said.

Jenson Button, who finished fourth, was also critical of Grosjean. "Unbelievable isn't it?" he said. "Is it for Formula One to do something about it? Or should he just take a good look at himself and sort his sh*t out, because that what he needs to do. We saw it a lot in GP2 with him. He'd either win or crash and it seems he has the same philosophy and he needs to change his views."

Red Bull lead the constructors’ championship but Webber’s accident cost them points. Vettel though is in an excellent position to overhaul Alonso and reclaim the title. The signs are that his team has worked out their development glitches just at the right time.

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