Vettel wins F1 season opener

The opening race of the new F1 season kicked off in Australia this morning, with Sebastian Vettel taking a comprehensive victory, and making Lewis Hamilton’s claims that Red Bull were ‘just a drinks company’ to look very stupid indeed.

The German strolled home in first place at Albert Park, a full 22 seconds ahead of the competition, and looked like a champion in waiting. No surprise he was over the moon in his post-race chit chat.

‘Thank you boys,’ he said to his team. ‘Fantastic race, really controlled. Thank you very much. Very cool. Excellent car. Excellent stops. We learned a lot from today, keep it mind.

‘We have to keep our feet on the floor. A lot of things can happen. It will be very close. With McLaren and Mercedes, even though they did not have the best day today.

‘I don't like the word 'dominate' today because there is such a long way to go. The sun came out today. I was missing it all week and the car was perfect.’

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