Vettel wins but angers teammate Webber

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Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix for Red Bulll. He finished ahead of his team-mate Mark Webber, but the German’s actions during the race did little for team morale. At one point Vettel was heard to say, "Mark is too slow, get him out of the way."

Webber was in no mood to make way for Vettel, and the latter stages of the race witnessed a compelling duel between the Red Bull drivers, before Webber heeded team orders that Vettel ignored. Webber looked unimpressed on the podium. When he was leading the race, the drivers were told to hold their positions, but Vettel continue to make a risky challenge for the leadership.

"I apologise for that," the German said from the comfort of first place on the podium. "I f**ked up. I'm the black sheep. This is not a victory that I'm very proud of because it should have been Mark's."

Webber’s body language, as he glared at Vettel and declined to pose for the traditional arm-in-arm podium pictures, suggested he thought he had been robbed of the win. "After the last stop, the team told me to turn the engine down," the Australian said angrily. "Seb made his own decisions and will have protection as usual. I turned my engine down and as we know he's a quick pedaller."

Team principal Christian Horner now has some peace-making duties before the next grand prix. "Sebastian took it into his own hands," Horner said. "He wanted to win that race. We know there is a bit of history between them, so it's the type of thing we will sit down and talk about internally."

Lewis Hamilton finished in a commendable third after a touch of forgetfulness cost him vital seconds. Pulling in for a pit stop he rolled into the lane of his old McLaren team, momentarily forgetting that he now drives for Mercedes. Although team-mate Nico Rosberg wanted to overtake, team orders ensured Hamilton finished third.

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