Vainikolo picked for England

Brian Ashton has named his squad for the Six Nations this year. Among the controversial selections (no Olly Barkley, no Simpson-Daniel, no Roger Utley or Peter Wheeler) is the Tongan-born back sensation, Lesley Vainikolo.

The Big V, as we’ll call him (why not, he’s BIG and his name begins with a V), is from the South Sea paradise of Tonga. And he’s already played for New Zealand at rugby league. In his nine union starts he’s scored nine tries. So he’s good.

But should he be playing for England? His eligibility is based solely on residency grounds. Frankly, why should anyone care where he’s from if he’s as good as they say he is and he’ll wear the jersey.

What do you think? Bearing in mind that England’s most influential back in the last two World Cups (other than Johnny W) was South African-born Mike Catt.

(Image: from manuel MC’s flickr stream)

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