Fantastic utd tickets deals

Man Utd tickets are one of the most sought after commodities in world football due to the clubs fantastic support throughout the globe and the long standing success of both the club and its manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United Football Club tickets fall into three categories. General sale, One United and season ticket holders only. The general sale tickets are mostly made available for the less popular matches for whom there would be less demand for tickets.

Man Utd also run a scheme called one united where the club provides fans a great opportunity to get tickets for the big games. By paying to join the scheme you are automatically added to the waiting list for a Manchester United season ticket, given the chance to apply for tickets to home FA Premier League games, allowed free access to home reserve team games and get a 10 per cent discount in the club shop as well as two magazines per season.

Finally, the Manchester United season ticket is the most difficult of all three options to come by. The club has recognised this fact and they have expanded the capacity of Old Trafford to over 76,000. Season tickets range in value between £513 and £931 for adults and £256 and £380 for seniors. Tickets can be bought over the phone or at the ground.

There is no doubt that Man Utd tickets are much sought after in today’s global football market. The club has a global support base that is in large part due to the success of the club. There is no doubt that with a Man Utd season ticket you will always get value for your money as they are always competing for honours whether it be on a domestic or European stage.

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