Usain Bolt smashes 200m record

Usain Bolt further underlined his position as the best sprinter of all time with an unbelievable win in the World Athletics Championship 200m final. The Jamaican sprinter took gold and beat his own world record by a staggering 0.11 seconds.

Bolt's performance was watched by a capacity crowd in the Olympic Stadium and the 22-year-old didn't disappoint breaking his second world record in the space of a week. The speedster will be hoping to add a third gold medal in the 4x100m relay.

'I never expected a world record tonight,' said Bolt. 'I was really tired but I told myself I had to just try and do my best - now I am tired. I was too upright. It wasn't a good race, but it was a fast one.'

The champion continued: 'I don't know where I can stop, I just try to run as fast as possible even if I was feeling a little tired. I just have fun, pushed by a stadium like this which was completely behind me. It was a really cool moment for me.'

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