Usain Bolt: quite fast

Usain Bolt shocked the world and defied the laws of physics when he smashed his own world 100m sprint record by a frankly ridiculous 0.11 of a second at the World Championships in Berlin, taking the fastest ever time down to 9.58 seconds. That’s nine point five eight seconds. Mental.

Naturally The Jamaican was pleased with his staggering performance, and all of it was achieved while he was only at ‘85%’ of his best form because of time taken out of his training schedule by his horror car crash earlier on in the year.

‘I can definitely say it's the best feeling ever,’ he said after his superhuman performance. ‘I knew it was going to be a great race, and I executed it. It's a great time, a great feeling, I feel good in myself and I knew I could do it. There was a big build-up, great atmosphere. It wasn't going to be an easy race, but I had a perfect start and just went from there. I came out here to do my best and I did what I had to do.’

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