Usain Bolt Crowned World Champion in Moscow

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Usain Bolt romped to gold in style at the World Championships last night with a season’s best of 9.77 seconds. With the recent doping scandals that have engulfed the world of sprinting casting a shadow over the build up to the games, Bolt proved in inimitable, magnificent style just what a true champion can do for the sport.

Having lost his title in Daegu two years ago with a false start, Bolt once again proved that he is almost without question, the greatest sprinter of all time. The familiar sight of him striding past the field to victory was again on display as he overtook silver medallist Justin Gatlin to claim yet another laurel on the biggest stages of all.

Gatlin posted a time of 9.85 seconds while Jamaican Nesta Carter took bronze in 9.96 seconds. Double Olympic champion, Donovan Bailey waxed lyrical about the extraordinary achievement.

"Usain can run faster, but he didn't need to - and it's about championships, winning those gold medals. I didn't expect him to break any records in the final because he told me his legs were feeling heavy. And people think I'm crazy when I say this but he can improve, he's 6ft 5in and his start could be better. I'm now looking forward to seeing Usain run in the 200m, seeing him come round that bend, that's where he's going to be at his strongest at these championships."

"I am happy but I wanted to do better," said Bolt after the race. "Back in Jamaica, they do not expect less than that from me. They always expect me to dominate!"

Gatlin, who beat Bolt in Rome in June, said: "I'm getting closer, I'm very happy with my race. The last 30m I got long. In Rome I was able to... do my race, which I didn't do tonight.

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