Usain amounts of money

Usain Bolt is understandably a man much in demand. The world’s fastest man, who regularly cuts a large slice through the competition before snacking on the gooey goodness inside, has renewed his contract with Puma, and although we don’t know how much it’s for, The Guardian are suggesting it’s the biggest ever given to a track and field athlete.

It would hardly be a surprise if so, given that Puma have been heavily investing in Jamaica for a very long time, establishing themselves as a powerful brand in the region, and making sure Bolt stays on their books will have been a priority to them. The fact that Bolt is laid up with yet another injury, this time his back, is probably of a minor concern to them.

‘Puma's been by my side since the beginning, before anyone knew what I was capable of achieving,’ said Bolt. ‘They saw potential in me and they took a chance, supporting me all the way, especially when things weren't easy for me due to injuries I suffered in my teens.

‘We've been partners in the truest sense of the word since day one, and so it's an easy decision to re-sign with them. They take the business of running seriously, but we also know how to have fun, to be spontaneous. We both bring a lot of personality to the sport.’

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